BPD Bike Patrol Rewards Safe Kids

Published 07/31 2014 05:32PM

Updated 07/31 2014 10:45PM

BLOOMINGTON - Getting stopped by police officers was a good thing in part of Bloomington Thursday.

A group of five officers make up the bike patrol that monitors constitution trail and the surrounding areas of McLean County.

Police were rewarding bicyclists who practiced good safety habits, like wearing their helmets and looking both ways before crossing the street, with tickets to Dairy Queen.

"It gives us the opportunity to interact with kids and reward them, those who are being safe. And, hopefully, it promotes that among children. But it also allows officers to get that contact to teach children that they don't need to be afraid of officers. We're actually your friends and we're here to help,” said Sara Mayer, spokeswoman for the Bloomington Police Department.

The bike patrol hopes to add more of these reward days in the future.

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