BroMenn, OSF Done With Underwater Deliveries

Published 07/16 2014 05:27PM

Updated 07/16 2014 06:28PM

BLOOMINGTON - A major hospital is no longer offering mothers the chance to make underwater baby deliveries.

OSF stopped the practice after receiving a letter from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists urging all hospitals to stop the practice until more research is done.

Mothers can still start the labor process in a tub, but now can't give birth in it. OSF had been doing the practice for about two years, but the association says it's not a safe practice, and too many things can go wrong.

"She's been laboring in there, and there can be aspirations. There can be the mother just suddenly can't help in the labor process. It could be an unsafe thing to get the baby up and out of the water,” said Dr. Harold Nord, staff president of the OB-GYN at OSF-St. Joseph.

Dr. Nord says about 1 to 2 percent of patients had requested giving birth in the water. Advocate BroMenn also stopped water births this month.

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