Change 150 Comments on Grenita Lathan Court Ruling

Published 07/29 2014 05:51PM

Updated 07/29 2014 11:10PM

  An administrative law judge ruled District 150 Superintendent Grenita Lathan threatened union members while negotiating a school resource officer contract. The ruling says Lathan complained the legal fees were getting high and if they did not like the way things were, they could find other jobs. The district must now post notices pledging not to threaten employees or interfere with their right to file grievances.
  District 150 released a statement expressing disappointment with the ruling. Change 150, the group that has called for the superintendent to step down, also commented.
This is part of its release:
  "Unfortunately, the leaders of Change150, our supporters and many of the residents and parents within District 150 are not surprised by this ruling as it formally documents what we have been hearing from District 150 employees since the start of our crusade - principals are being berated in their monthly meetings, teachers and parents are being met with cold, hostile attitudes when they ask questions of the Superintendent and certain administrators and valued employees are being terminated for daring to have opinions.
“I hope this ruling is a wake-up call to Dr. Lathan and her supporters that they can’t treat people this way. Hopefully she will look in the mirror, take responsibility for her actions, learn from this, and embrace a healthier and more effective style of leadership," said Jim Powell, President of Change150.
Also not surprising is Superintendent Lathan’s response, which stated, “The finding by the Administrative Law Judge in this regard does not result in any penalty to the Board of Education or School District, other than posting a notice for 60 days." Sadly, her response is just another example of
her cavalier attitude and pattern of not accepting responsibility for her actions. In our opinion, a good, well-liked, successful leader would be mortified to have to publically promise to: “NOT threaten our employees, or otherwise interfere with our employees’ right to file grievances over their terms and conditions of employment” and “NOT in any like or related manner, interfere with, restrain or coerce our employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed them in the Act.”

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