Children Burn off Cabin Fever at Kid's Fest

Published 03/29 2014 07:31PM

Updated 03/29 2014 07:33PM

PEKIN - Taylor Holcomb just wanted to get out of the house for a little bit.

"I like to get him out of the house and go do fun things around our town," she said.

Taylor brought her son, Liam, to Kid's Fest at the Avanti's Dome.

This is the first year R&B Productions has held the day of fun in Pekin.

Andy Bugos of R&B said, "This is a way, when it's still not too nice out, to bring the kids in, let them play on the inflatables and rock wall. All the nice things we have going on here today.

It gave kids a chance to burn off some energy.

Holcomb added, "We're probably going to have to come out here next here. he's going to just run and do his own thing. But i've taken him down a few slides, and he loves it.

"We're just planning out here, and they want to do these pumpkin rides over here," said John Foxall of Lewistown. "They're going to try that."

Which is why Foxall brought his family out. But he found it wasn't just for kids.

"You've got experts out here that can actually direct you in right ways of doing things for your kids, like dentistry, chiropractic, stuff like that," said Foxall.

"You want your families to come in," Bugos added. "You want your parents to be able to have things to take a look at. You want your kids to have plenty of games to play with.

And it is a good way to enjoy Spring, even if Mother Nature isn't ready for it, yet.

"It can't be too far away, but they aren't getting muddy in here," Bugos said.

R&B Productions says it hopes to hold Kid's Fest again next year.

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