Church Helps Renovate East Bluff; Operation Inasmuch Changing the Community

Published 08/23 2014 06:28PM

Updated 08/23 2014 11:26PM

PEORIA - There are many groups trying to make a difference in Peoria’s East Bluff and Glen Oak Christian Church is doing their part with Operation Inasmuch. It’s an annual community outreach project where church members partner with homeowners to do anything they can to spruce up the neighborhood.

Since 2003, members of Glen Oak Christian Church have devoted a renovating Peoria’s East Bluff.

 “Some painting and some planting of flowers. Just general yard work. Raking, mowing, pulling weeds. Things like that,” says volunteer Andrea Nelson.

Andrea Nelson has volunteered at Operation Inasmuch since the beginning.
She’s helped the church remake over 150 homes while making a lot of new friends.

“We'll meet the people that live in the homes. We'll make relationships when we're working.”

East Bluff resident Brianna Archie joined Glen Oak Christian Churhc when she was a little girl.
She’s seen the positive impact the day of service has had on her neighborhood.

“I believe that, you know whoever needs help, you know that we're always here.”

Church leaders say Operation Inasmuch is their way of living out the bible’s teachings.

The name itself was inspired by a bible verse.

“In as much as we do to others, and we're doing unto him.”

Event organizer, Hannah Chapman, says the help is needed in the East Bluff.

“There are a lot of people on the East Bluff who cannot afford financial aid to get this work, um completed. Or like I said don't have other resources.”

One of those resources is a quilt for the winter.

Volunteers sewed them together as part of the day’s events.

And volunteers say some of those they help are coming to their church, making it more diversified and creating a win-win for everybody.

Fifty volunteers took part in Operation Inasmuch.

The event is funded by church dollars and donations from outside businesses.


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