CNN Talks to Peorians About Shutdown

Published 10/03 2013 05:43PM

Updated 10/03 2013 11:05PM

PEORIA – You know the old adage, “If it plays in Peoria, it will play anywhere.” CNN said that’s why they have a crew in the River City to talk about the government shutdown.

A team from CNN Chicago spent the morning at 30-30 Coffee, getting local people’s opinions.

The owners of 30-30 Coffee said they’re happy to welcome the national news network into their shop.

Some Peorians did talk to CNN’s reporter Ted Rowlands on live TV.

Rowlands said, “You know, people test products here. This is Middle America. The Midwest is middle America. We live in Chicago and sometimes it's good to get a refreshing outlook of what the rest of the country thinks of something like this.”

Dan Williamson, a co-owner of the coffee shop said, “We're just happy to be kind of a face for Peoria, I guess in that way. That's very humbling it's cool. It's definitely helped business this morning.”

30-30 Coffee said CNN reached out to Mayor Jim Ardis and Ardis suggested the location.

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