Columbia Terrace Traffic Continues Frustrating Residents

Published 08/13 2014 05:42PM

Updated 08/13 2014 06:19PM

PEORIA – The Department of Public Works is trying to figure out the best way it can ease traffic concerns expressed by residents on Columbia Terrace.

 They’ve tried a number of things, but now they’re using chicanes. Traffic Engineer, Nick Stoffer, said chicanes are a traffic-calming method. He hopes it will keep drivers from making that neighborhood into a shortcut.

 “You go back and forth as you drive through the chicanes. It's a set of three islands and it slows you down when you go through that block.”

 Stoffer said that chicanes have worked in other communities and he believes they may be the perfect solution to problems in that area.

 However, residents aren’t so sure.

 “I think it just frustrates people,” said Michelle Renick. She and her family have lived there for years.

 Renick said the city has failed each time it has tried to tackle traffic trouble in her neighborhood. She says there is a much bigger problem, but it’s farther down University Street.

 “My view is that the intersection at Main and University [Street] such as it is, we're not going to cut back on the amount of people coming through here,” Renick explained.

“It [the chicanes] might slow them down a little bit. You have to slow down to go around that, but I don't think it's going to cut down on the number of people.”

The city has already lowered the speed limit on Columbia Terrace, but there's no official word on if the plastic chicanes will be made permanent.


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