Community is a Top Priority for District 150 School Board

Published 07/01 2014 06:23PM

Updated 07/01 2014 06:27PM

PEORIA – District 150 School Board of Education members seemed to agree that the past year presented plenty of challenges, but it’s looking forward to a much better year.

On Tuesday afternoon, the board appointed its 2014-2015 executive positions.

The meeting ended with one board member position still vacant.

Now, the group says connecting with the Peoria community is a top priority.

“I think there's an opportunity to meet with some folks that have had some issues and concerns,” explained Rick Cloyd, the outgoing President of the board.

In his final meeting in that position, Cloyd praised the numerous achievements last year’s board made.

However, he said that repairing broken relationships in the community will help the future, specifically noting last year’s Charter Oak Elementary investigation.

“It [the Charter Oak situation] created a great deal of community concern and we tried to address that in a way that was professional and within the bounds of what we can and can't say in public,” Cloyd explained.

He suggested that board members meet and have conversations with the public outside of large, public forums.

Linda Butler, the board’s newly-elected Vice President, shared Cloyd’s commitment to community.

“As we move forward and others produce ideas of how we can better the relationship, we'd be open to that,” said Butler. “We will move forward with that.”

Butler also mentioned revisiting the board’s strategic plan and budget.

She says they’ll continue fighting for top-notch education programs.

“We have set a course that's working for us in the district. It perhaps is a slow moving course, but we will stay the course.”

The board’s community goals are important, but Cloyd says filling the vacant district three school board seat should happen first.

“There's an opportunity to fill the seat with somebody that can add to the conversation,” Cloyd explained. “Every member of the board has something unique to bring to it, and there's a great deal of life experience and professional experience that is already present and we'd just like to add to it.”


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