'Curb Birds' Help New ISU Students Move In

Published 08/13 2014 06:15PM

Updated 08/13 2014 10:25PM

NORMAL - Hundreds of new students are taking over the campus of Illinois State University.

They're moving in, in droves so if you have to travel around or through that area there are some traffic changes for this week you need to know.

Fell Avenue is closed from College Avenue to North Street, and has one ways south from Mulberry to College and from North to Beaufort. Anyone visiting campus also cannot leave their vehicles on campus overnight or they'll be ticketed.

The school has been preparing for a potential record-sized class for months. For more information, please click here.

Before anyone could set foot inside Watterson Towers on Wednesday, returning students wanted to make sure the new class felt welcome.

"I know what kind of a hassle it was moving in, especially since I had a lot of stuff. So, it's already in my nature to help people, so why not be a curb bird?" said Jonathan Upshaw, ISU sophomore.

Three hundred of these volunteer "Curb Birds" were scattered across campus, ready to flock to the freshmen and their families.

"You could have three or four people unloading your car at a time and helping you put them on carts, and helping you get it in the elevator. So, we're there for you,” said Rachel Kobus, director of housing.

And that's no small task, especially with that twin tower, 28-story complex.

"Crazy. It's been really crowded, but they're really helpful here,” said freshman Jenna Anderson.

More than 6,200 students are expected to move in throughout this week. There should be more than 2,200 here in Watterson alone.

For many volunteers, that meant rising early. Some were there before 8 a.m.

"School starts in like five days. I figured, you know, this seems like a pretty good time to start getting the body ready to wake up early because it's going to be a rough semester,” said Farouq Agbabiaka, a senior at ISU.

But making sure that the start at least is worry-free is a goal they're all committed to.

"Unloaded the car super fast. Actually, we were pretty impressed,” said Ken Retzinger, parent of a new ISU freshman. “They move you through, routed you through campus. There’s no issues whatsoever. They've really got this down well."

ISU expects to have official enrollment figures by the tenth day of classes. At this point, they don't anticipate any issues with finding housing for everyone.

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