Debate Over Georgetown Common Apartments' Future Grows

Published 05/08 2014 05:20PM

Updated 05/08 2014 09:43PM

PEORIA -There is a growing debate on social media over the future of the Georgetown Common Apartments.

They’re voicing their opinions as to whether or not they should be given access to their tornado-devastated community.

This comes on the heels of the announcement that the apartments will be demolished on May 19th.

“Baby books, the first clothes, the sentimental values, and pictures,” said former Georgetown Common Resident Tiffany Spencer.

These are things Tiffany Spencer is afraid she’ll never see again from her devastated Georgetown Common Apartment. They are also things she wasn’t able to pick up during the three-day period residents were allowed back into their apartments over the weekend following the tornado .

“The wedding dress is a big one because that's obviously a huge day for everybody. We weren't able to find it, but it could still be up there.”

She and some Georgetown residents are hoping for one more chance to recover sentimental items.

“I bet it’s underneath. I really do.”

Managers say getting the items is too dangerous.

Other residents- like Beau-Lea Lacey- do think they were given enough time to search the apartments in the weekend after the tornado.

“I think just having them there is the hope that maybe we could still get back in there but it's just unrealistic.”

Spencer says maybe professionals could do the job.

“They could send somebody back; the retrieval crews. They could send those back.”

But management tells us that’s not possible and most of the items are probably too damaged to save.

“You got to think we got fifty plus inches of snow. All that rain.”

Some are still holding out hope, saying one final search has its benefits.

“I hope they can pull themselves together for the benefit of the people…closure.”

While others think it is best to move on.

“That was home for us and it was taken from us. But I think it will be good for the healing process.”

Former residents of the Georgetown Common will be given an opportunity to say goodbye to their old home at a vigil this Sunday at 5 P.M. in front of the apartments.

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