East Peoria Homeowners Team with Local Attorney to File Lawsuit

Published 04/17 2014 06:22PM

Updated 04/17 2014 06:46PM


PEORIA - People living in an East Peoria subdivision crippled by last year’s heavy rains say they may finally receive the justice they’re looking for their attorney filed a lawsuit seeking $3 million dollars from the city to the damages, just one day before the deadline.

Mike Beamer saw the value of his home plummet 50 percent after a landslide struck the Pinecrest Hills subdivision last spring.

He was lucky compared to four of his neighbors.

“There were victims down the street that were evicted because of a mudslide,”

A local attorney claims the city failed to repair a damaged draining system, leading to the flooding and the landslide.

He filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the City on behalf of the residents.

“I think the City will say that it is an act of God. And we say that it is an act of God combined with 23 years of negligence,” said the attorney of the people, Carl Reardon.

They’re suing the City to cover the cost of the damages,

And to restore the value to each of the house. This includes repairing a damaged draining system.

“Because if you repair the home without the easement repair, the drainage system repaired the backyards would slide right back down again,” said Reardon

East Peoria officials said since a lawsuit is now filed, they cannot comment.

But Reardon claims the city is maintaining their stance from a year ago.

“The Mayor and each of the commissioners said we have no responsibility on this and we are not going to send any tax payer money to remedy the situation,” said Reardon.

Reardon hopes they can avoid taking on the city in court. Residents say they just want the City to listen to them.

“I just hope the city will work with us and come to an agreement.”

Reardon says people believe the homes are susceptible to landslides and will never truly return to full value. Which is one of the reasons they are filing a lawsuit.


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