East Peoria Police Say Another Hero Played a Part in Taking Down Gunman at East Peoria Bar

Published 06/16 2014 06:40PM

Updated 06/16 2014 09:29PM

EAST PEORIA - There still aren’t many answers today in the investigation of the deadly bar shooting this weekend.
But we are learning another story of bravery

A second man besides the FBI Agent played a part in saving people’s lives at fifth quarter bar in East Peoria Saturday night

Police might not have known about the good Samaritan if witnesses hadn’t shared his story.

East Peoria police say the man, who wants to remain anonymous, was outside the bar and heard the gunshots.

He rushed in, saw Jason Moore with the gun, then tackled him.

That’s when the off-duty FBI Agent stepped in. He shot and killed the suspect. Several officers have thanked both of them for their bravery.

The crime scene tape is down from outside the Fifth Quarter Bar, but one of the owners says he’s not sure when he will reopen. Monday the owners expressed condolences to family and friends of the victims of the victims.

A media release went on to say “what was supposed to be a happy night for all turned tragic within seconds. To all of our customers and employees that witnessed this tragedy, we pray that all of you are comforted by your loved ones, as this is certainly not an event easily forgotten. To everyone in our community, we hope you reach out to others who need help during this time and pray for comfort to all involved."

Police tell us that they are done going over the crime scene, but the City will need to give Fifth Quarter the okay before reopening.

So far, investigators still have not pinpointed a motive for Saturday night’s violence.

 They are looking at surveillance video and tracking down conversations between Moore and his ex-wife in the days and hours before the shooting.
Detectives are also interviewing family members and friends and have their hands full with more than one-hundred people who were in the bar when the shots were fired.

Bar owners say they hope to reopen the bar within a couple of days. 

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