East Peoria Spring Clean Up Week Begins

Published 05/05 2014 06:00PM

Updated 05/05 2014 06:30PM

PEORIA - You will see more than just trash and recycling bins on East Peoria curb sides this week. The City is conducing its annual spring clean-up, giving the residents along the normal garbage route a chance to clean up their stuff.

East Peoria residents are kicking a lot of stuff to the curb. 

"You don't know what to do with the stuff you don't need," said East Peoria resident Bruce Castor.

Everything from mailboxes, to timber, to windows are accepted. Furniture, mattresses and other household items are also welcomed. 

Even if they don't know where it's going, residents still like the chance to get rid of their junk. 

"It's a lot of help to have East Peoria pick up our junk and take it wherever it needs to go," said resident Jessie Auen.

The City won't take just anything, though. Thinks like electronics, tires, liquids, construction materials and hazardous waste. 

"There isn't really a requirement on size, but we won't take a car or boat or anything like that," said Ric Semonski, Supervisor at the East Peoria Public Works department. He oversees clean-up week. 

But if East Peoria residents abuse the system by putting out too much, that could be a problem for the city. 

Officials say they may have to adjust their schedules for next week if they have to pick up too much, or possibly pay their employees overtime. 

So you have to respect the rules, so we can East Peoria Clean Up day for years to come. 

"I think there will always bee a need. Especially in the future." 

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