Enforcement of New Disabled Parking Law

Published 01/31 2014 06:52PM

Updated 01/31 2014 07:03PM

Peoria Police are reminding drivers only the yellow and gray striped handicap parking placard exempt a vehicle from time limitations and paying fees when parked at a metered disabled or non disabled parking space. There are no exemptions for vehicles parking in spaces with meters or signs with time limitations of 30 minutes or less. Peoria Police and the parking enforcement division has been educating and informing the public of the change of the law for the last 30 days. Starting February 3, the city will begin ticketing vehicles parked at meters if the correct placard exempting them from paying is not displayed at disabled or non disabled parking spaces. Violators can be issued parking tickets for overtime parking and fines range from $10 to $50. According to a city release, the following disabled placards/plates DO NOT EXEMPT authorized holders from the payment of on the street parking meter fees and time limitations. Permanent placards (blue) , temporary placards (red), organization placards (green) and person with disabilities and disabled veterans plates (unless the yellow and gray striped meter-exempt placard is also displayed). Placards are not transferable. The authorized holder of the disability plates or placard must be present and must enter or exit the vehicle at the time the parking privileges are being used. Violators face a $600 fine, drivers license suspension and suspension/revocation of the plates or placard.

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