Gang Violence Blamed for 2006 Cold Case Murder

Published 07/03 2014 06:34PM

Updated 07/03 2014 08:47PM

PEORIA – Investigators are blaming revenge for the 2006 murder of Robbin Underwood.

However, the alleged act of retaliation had absolutely nothing to do with her.

Thursday afternoon police released more details from the cold case investigation. Meanwhile, Michael Johnson and Allen Fitzpatrick were charged Thursday with first-degree murder for the reported role in the case.

Captain Mike Eddlemon of the Peoria Police Department says on March 15, 2006 Underwood was driving a truck down N. Ellis Street in Peoria. Her niece was in the passenger seat.

Shots were fired and both were injured. Underwood died from her injuries.

A press conference Thursday released new details.

“There was another person that was standing outside of the truck that was actually the target of the shooting,” revealed Eddlemon.

He says three men approached the person outside the truck Underwood drove. Police believe the shooting was payback for three previous deaths that had happened.

“Specifically, Carl Wells,” explained Captain Eddlemon, “and that murder happened on March 11th just a few days before in the 900 block of Third Street.”

It took eight years before Underwood’s investigation gained enough evidence to make any.

“People's lives change over several years,” said Eddlemon. “They don't find themselves in positions that they were at the time. They're more willing to step forward and provide information.”

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