Governor Quinn Talks About Relief Package in Washington

Published 03/05 2014 06:30PM

Updated 03/05 2014 10:45PM

WASHINGTON - Governor Quinn is assuring tornado devastated communities that the state has their back.

This after FEMA's denial of Illinois' appeal for federal aid after November's tornadoes.

Quinn went to Washington, Illinois to talk about a relief package for impacted communities.

“We are allocating 45 million dollars from our account, both capital and emergency, to make sure that we help Washington and East Peoria and Tazewell County, said Governor Pat Quinn.

Forty five million dollars. 

Add another 21 million delivered by FEMA to help individuals and businesses...And that's what communities in central Illinois will use to rebuild hope.

The money comes from the state a 33 billion dollar account established five years ago.

“And that account still has ample money to rebuild and recover so it is important that we invest the money. We aren't going to look at the money in the bank vault when we have a natural disaster,” explained Governor Quinn.

The funding will be used to repair infrastructure, clear debris, and fix damaged water systems.

 All this without digging further into the wallets of taxpayers.

We're going to rebuild this community the right way. And we won't have to cut corners. And the other thing is we won't have to up property tax or sales tax to make ends meet,” said Washington Mayor Gary Manier

The effort to gain disaster assistance from FEMA isn't over, but in the mean time Washington and surrounding communities are thankful for the help.

“We aren't goingt o ask for stuff that we want. It is all going to needs and were not going to take any advantage of the state on this gracious offer,” said Mayor Manier.

As part of the relief package each community has a contact in the state government ready to answer. Learn about your contact at

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