Grade School Students Find Fun in Engineering

Published 02/22 2014 05:13PM

Updated 02/22 2014 06:12PM

PEORIA - In hopes of boosting the economy and jobs- there's been a recent push for more stem-

That's science, technology math and engineering.

Saturday, that effort focused in on the River City.

Grade school students got to take a look at the fun side of engineering.

Seven teams of fifth graders competed against one another in a "Rube Goldberg Machines at Play" contest.

The students had to build a contraption that would draw a three inch line on a piece of paper - much like those done by cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg.

Organizers say they hope today's competition will get students interested in the mechanical engineering field at an early age.

Dhimmaiah Kumbera of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers said, "We decided to bring in Rude Goldberg machines to have them understand engineering, science, math, and have them design a machine, so when they get up to sixth grade, they know what engineering is."

The top three teams will compete at the State competition in March.

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