Grocery Store May Be Coming Back To Delavan

Published 06/05 2014 06:05PM

Updated 06/05 2014 08:06PM

Delavan - Delavan residents are without a grocery store, and have been for the past five months.

Their store, Delavan finer foods, burned down in January, but the town’s Mayor says there’s hope for the property.

WMBD’s Ryan Piers tells us why local businesses are excited to replace what they’ve been missing.

"If we have a busy Friday night or a busy Saturday evening, we do have Sunday morning breakfast and there's those little things that can help the restaurant run more successfully," said Kevin Myszkowski, Manager of Harvest Café.

Without a grocery store in town, those little things- like supplies and food ingredients, are tough to find for Café Manger Kevin Myszkowski.

"I've been doing a run to Morton and a run to Pekin which is a little bit more inconvenient."

Delavan Finer Foods went up in flames in January.

The nearest grocery store is fifteen miles away.

Not only does that affect business owners, but residents and potential residents.

“It is certainly a criteria that people are considering when they are looking in Delavan,” said Real Estate Agent Dr. Terri Dudis.

Residents say they've had to do some of their shopping at dollar general. Which is nice, but it's not a grocery store. Which means it doesn't always have what they need

"Oh it's hurt. Absolutely. It has hurt."

City Officials tell us a Delavan Man is coming to the rescue.
He is in the process of buying the property and the Mayor says there are plans to build a new store on the same site.

"We'll be trying to work with those people. It's in the TIF zone. See if we can provide some incentives to help move the project along and bring the grocery store back to town,” said Joseph Woith City Administrator

This development comes on the heels of a Delavan City Council meeting, which authorized Woith to give out insurance funds in escrow to the current owner of the property Delevan officials receive all the paperwork they need to confirm that the site is safe and free of asbestos.

The current property is nearly cleared of debris.

“It’s part of the quality of life within a community. It goes along with schools, parks. Access to goods and service."

The deal is not finalized so there aren’t any construction plans yet. The property would also need to be inspected for hazardous materials and asbestos.


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