Hudson Honors Crew for Special Delivery

Published 07/15 2014 10:37PM

Updated 07/16 2014 09:18AM

HUDSON - Amanda Bradbury's daughter, Breleigh, is now two months old, and her birth is one she'll never forget.

"Each day we kind of remember a little bit more about what happened because it was such a whirlwind that night,” said Bradbury.

The Bradburys were driving from Minonk to Bloomington, when Amanda first went into labor. Her husband, Kyle, had to pull off the road near Exit 2.

“I didn't know I was in labor, until it was kind of too late,” said Bradbury.

Two firefighters who met the Bradburys on I-39 will always remember that late April evening as well. On Tuesday night, they were honored for being the first pair to deliver a baby for the Hudson Fire Department.

"So, at first we thought we're going to get her to the hospital, and then she'll probably have it right there at the hospital, but then we got there and the baby was coming,” said EMT Christopher Wasowicz.

"From the time that we arrived on scene to the time that we left was about eight minutes,” added EMT Matt Zielsdorf.

But those moments were critical, for baby Breleigh. It's a moment Kyle still can't believe happened.

"You hear all of the stories of this goes wrong, that goes wrong, or she had these complications, but we didn't have nothing. It was just so easy. They made it look so easy, she made it look so easy,” said Bradbury.

And with the honors from the state, it's a moment the department can happily remember forever.

"We've seen our share of tragedy and sorrow out there and this was a very joyous moment,” said chief Dan Hite.

Amanda Bradbury is a paramedic in Naperville. She says she'll be taking her daughter to visit the station when he's older.

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