IL Lawmakers Respond to Malaysian Plane Crash

Published 07/18 2014 01:43PM

Updated 07/23 2014 11:10AM

Congressional reaction to the Malaysian plane crash was swift in Washington, D.C. Thursday.
In a statement, Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois says, "A Russian-made surface-to-air missile has murdered 295 innocent people, 23 of whom are believed to be Americans. Overdue Russian sanctions should expand to the oil and energy sectors immediately."
  Congressman Adam Kinzinger agrees, saying, "An SA-11, an SA-17 or an S-300 are all ground base missile systems that can actually take down aircraft up to 80,000 feet, but a military-based surface-to-air missile can, in fact, and probably has, taken this airliner down."
 Congressman Kinzinger adds that we need to react cautiously until we find out who's responsible but he says, "If Vladimir Putin in any way had a hand in this, this ought to very much strengthen our position in terms of sanctions against the Russians." Kinzinger believes this tragedy should serve as a wake up call for everyone.
   President Obama has also pointed toward pro-Russian separatists as being responsible for the "terrible tragedy."  He put in a call to the Malaysian prime minister to express his condolences.

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