Infant Immunization Week

Published 05/01 2014 06:17PM

Updated 05/01 2014 06:22PM

PEORIA - This week marks the 20th year for National Infant Immunization Week.

Doctors say it's an important reminder of the critical role vaccinations play in a child's life.

Local pediatrician Doctor Jalayne Lapke says 3% of Illinois children aren't vaccinated.

That means, those kids aren't protected against diseases like measles, mumps and meningitis--which have resurfaced recently and can be deadly.

The state of Illinois requires certain vaccines, but some parents are still hesitant.

Dr. Lapke says the pros of vaccinations outweigh potential cons.

"The CDC said that vaccines in general in the lives of children born since 1994 prevented about 332 million illnesses, 21million hospitalizations and over 3 quarters of a million deaths,” Dr. Lapke said.

Dr. Lapke says parents should seek out solid information about vaccinations from a credible source.

That could be your doctor, the public health department, or the CDC website:

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