Intersection Reopens and Motorists are Complaining about Traffic

Published 05/13 2014 06:43PM

Updated 05/13 2014 06:47PM

PEORIA - The intersection at Main and University just reopened yesterday and the City of Peoria says people are already complaining. Motorists aren’t happy about the delays caused by traffic leading up to the intersection.

“We’re hearing people that are complaining that mainly are interested in driving through the intersection as fast as possible.”

Some of those complaints might sound like this.

“I think the roads are pretty bad up here still even though they did construction,” said Peoria Manual Student Austin Nole.

“For driving it's a big inconvenience,” said resident Samuel Sickles, who says he has to routinely make the drive through the intersection to deliver food to Happy Fish Sushi.

Others said they don’t mind waiting in lines of traffic leading up to the intersection.
City Engineer, Scott Reeise, says these delays are to be expected.

“ It's very similar to what we experienced when we first started the water main construction,” said Reeise

It is the price of creating a pedestrian-friendly intersection.

“ We're weighing allowing more safety for pedestrians versus allowing more traffic to get through. And the main goal of the project was to make it more pedestrian safe.”

Reeise says that drivers should only have to sit through two cycles of lights- at most.
SOT 10;01;39;20 Have to sit through two cycles of lights

One motorist said he had to sit through “three or four lights” to get through.

Reeise thinks the delays can be reduced.

“We’re constantly monitoring the timing on all the intersections and tweeking it to see what legs are backing up. How we can improve it for vehicles.”

The efficiency of the intersection will be tested this weekend. With Bradley’s graduation, there’s sure to be a lot of traffic passing through. .

Reeise suggests motorists use the interstate to get to downtown Peoria instead of going through the intersection.

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