ISU Athletes Give Back For 'Community Appreciation' Week

Published 06/05 2014 06:29PM

Updated 06/05 2014 07:00PM

NORMAL - Throughout the years, Illinois State University has had a lot of loyal sponsors. This week, they're giving back, saying thank you to the community and their fans.

One of the athletic department's partnerships has been with Parkway Auto Laundry, where owner Darin Schrader has worked with ISU for 16 years.

"The first year they've actually done something like this at the facility, but throughout the years, we've hired certain athletes throughout the summers to work here,” said Schrader.

"We enjoy every part of it,” said Cameron Meredith, ISU senior wide receiver. “We're ready to get these cars as dry and as clean as possible."

But before tackling these dirty cars, they're prepped on the right techniques to work together.

“Being here all day can be boring, but you know when you're with the guys, it makes it a lot better,” said sophomore linebacker David Perkins.

"I'm sure it's a surprise at first, but, like 'Who are all these big guys looking all athletic and stuff. But I'm sure they appreciate it just as much as we do,” said Meredith.

Even Reggie Redbird is feeling that community spirit, lending a helping wing to the cause. With Schrader's help, he says the job will be done right.

"We've got some of our staff that'll help and make sure everything is done correctly, so the quality of the vehicle won't be jeopardized, believe me,” said Schrader.

All the while, athletes are strengthening ties with each other and the community.

"We hope that it'll draw some attention, some more attention to the program, you know, get more people out to the games and stuff, and let them know that we're out here and being active in the community."

Student-athletes also stopped at Moe's Southwest Grill and Starcrest Cleaners this past week.

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