Jump Trading Center Putting Millions Into Local Economy

Published 07/25 2013 05:35PM

Updated 07/25 2013 06:33PM

PEORIA – Central Illinois’ innovative medical center is bringing millions of dollars to the area.

A new report indicates the Jump Trading Center in Peoria will bring millions of dollars to the area and do much more for the improvement of our healthcare.

McCord Professor of Executive Management Development with the Foster College of Business Administration Doctor Joshua Lewer said, “This facility, construction and its ongoing operations, will generate about $92 million dollars.”

The Jump Trading Center has only been open since April but Dr. Lewer said the long-term impact is already clear. “You're going to see a lot of visitors, expenditures moving forward.”

Dr. John Vozenilek is the Chief Medical Officer for the facility. He said, "I was quite surprised by the findings.”

He said the six story building isn’t only creating jobs, but it’s making big strides for our healthcare.

He said, “We've already begun studies to reduce complications in healthcare and we've seen a dramatic impact on length of stay in hospital, use of an intensive care unit, and also lives and suffering.”

Doctors and nurses train in the facility. It’s also where new technology is tested and developed. It’s offering many opportunities for all kinds of work. “We're just getting started because the innovations that are going to come out, we anticipate new companies, new intellectual property, new ways to handle healthcare and we're very excited to begin.”

The Jump Trading Center is only partially full. There’s two floors in operation and four floors still under construction.

Another angle of impact is the tax revenues. The center is expected to increase state and local tax revenues by $4.2 million in the next five years.

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