Jury Begins Deliberations in Shakirov Trial

Published 03/13 2014 08:05PM

Updated 03/13 2014 10:12PM

BLOOMINGTON - The fate of a man accused of reckless homicide is now in the hands of a McLean County jury.

Prosecutors gave their final arguments, saying Mansur Shakirov made several bad choices and that led to his vehicle crashing into emergency vehicles and killing veteran Hudson firefighter Chris Brown.

The defense maintains roadways were the reason for the tragic crash.

Prosecutors used day three of "The People v. Mansur Shakirov" to bring video evidence to the jurors.

The video is from the night trooper Chris Parmley traveled to the scene of an accident in rural Hudson. Shakirov, now 29, is accused of driving too fast for conditions and failing to move over for an accident scene.

"I asked him one question. Do you know how fast you were going?" recalled Parmley.

"And what did he say?" asked attorney Josh Rinker.

"No more than 50 miles per hour."

"Certainly we can all agree that upon the evidence of what we've seen today that Shakirov caused the death of Chris Brown, that he did so while driving recklessly,” said Rinker.

A long video showing the roadways of Interstate 39 was taken inside Parmley's car.

It shows his vehicle moving at a moderate speed, and never sliding. That’s something prosecutors say was one of Shakirov's poor choices.

"He drove too fast, not only for the weather conditions, but also for the fact that you could see the accident scene from approximately two miles away,” said Shakirov.

"It was very bright,” said Parmley, as he recalled the emergency scene.

Using the other cars that passed by prosecutor Josh Rinker told jurors that Shakirov acted recklessly that night because he did not move over when all other vehicles were able to do so.

Defense attorney Chris Gramm maintains Interstate 39 was not supposed to have pedestrians on it.

“This isn't what you'd expect to see on a limited access highway,” said Gramm, pointing to a diagram of the crash and other emergency vehicles.

He also said the roads were shown to be too icy for Shakirov to safely move over.

“The driver of unit six and the semi, it snuck up on them,” said Gramm.

Gramm calls the incident a tragedy and asked for charges to be reduced to reckless driving, which means a much more lenient sentence.

The jury will resume its deliberations on Friday.

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