Jury Deliberating in Leuthold Murder Trial

Published 07/21 2014 01:39PM

Updated 07/21 2014 05:56PM

PEORIA - The jury in the Nathan Leuthold murder trial is deciding if he is guilty or innocent of killing his wife on Valentine's Day 2013.  Closing arguments took much of Monday afternoon.

  Nathan Leuthold, a former Baptist missionary, chose not to take the stand to testify in the trial. His Monday morning announcement followed testimony from five witnesses the defense put on the stand. The defense questioned four Peoria Police Department officials about their involvement with the case.

They also called Christopher Williams, who lives near the scene where Denise Leuthold was killed. Williams said he saw a suspicious vehicle stopped on Mossville Road at least two times prior to Denise's death. He also says the car came late at night, which was unusual. Last week, the jury learned that Nathan Leuthold told police he saw a suspicious car on his street, Mossville Road, prior to Denise's death. Leuthold said that could've been burglars which would back his argument that he did not murder his wife and that instead, it was a deadly burglary. State's Attorney Jerry Brady pointed out that Williams never saw the car leave, adding that it could've been the home's resident who may have been on the phone and later gotten out to go inside.
Another key detail defense attorney Hugh Toner pointed out were pictures taken of Leuthold the night of Denise's murder. He asked why no one took photos of his shoes. Toner also asked Peoria Police Detective Tim Moore if he noticed mud on Leuthold's shoes. Moore answered no. The attorney seemed to be highlighting that there was a muddy footprint in the home and that Leuthold's shoes would've been muddy if he was guilty.

The jury has refused the judge's offer to get dinner delivered, leaving some to wonder if there will be a verdict delivered soon. WMBD's Marvis Herring is in the Peoria County courtroom. Keep up with his updates on his Twitter page.

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