Kids Volunteer, Spruce Up Old School

Published 07/23 2013 06:43PM

Updated 07/23 2013 08:20PM

PEORIA - Every year hundreds of kids take a week off from summer activities to make a difference in the lives of others in a program called Mission Peoria.

In a partnership with the Peoria Dream Center, volunteers split up into groups all over the city.

"Right now we're taking out some trees," said Issac Grindinger as he dug his shovel into the ground.

Grindinger is one of 17 kids volunteering in the hot summer air. Some are outside doing landscaping, the others inside giving the gym a fresh coat of paint, excited to see what a little elbow grease can do.

"I’ve done a lot of landscaping, it’s fun to look at it afterwards because it looks really nice," Grindinger said.

New Beginnings Church bought the school in August from District 150. Pastor Martin Johnson said it hadn’t been used in three years.

"When we came in here in august a lot of the members were trying to get it ready but it was a daunting task," he said.

Johnson said they weren’t on track to having it cleaned up until this army of brush wielding volunteers showed up.

"Just their sacrifice and to know that their efforts are going to make a difference in the lives of you know, folks there in the community. So we appreciate their effort and their sacrifice for the summer."

Johnson said he now thinks they'll be able to open the building as a community center just in time for school to start.


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