LeRoy Eying Medical Marijuana Facilities

Published 06/06 2014 05:45PM

Updated 06/06 2014 06:48PM

LEROY - A McLean County community is eying a medical marijuana growing facility. The City of LeRoy is in the running to supply surrounding counties with a cultivation and distribution center, but some are still leery of the project.

LeRoy city administrator Dave Jenkins has been busy fielding calls about putting a medical marijuana facility in HIS town for the past few weeks.

At first, he was skeptical of the operation.

"Once you get beyond that, and recognize this as a medicine, rather than something illegal, I think that helps,” said Jenkins.

And it's slowly gaining support from Springfield as well.

“If we can grow here in McLean County, follow the letter of the law and have a distribution center as well as a cultivation center, it's certainly something I'd work with those who are interested and try to produce it,” said state representative Dan Brady.

Jenkins says medical marijuana would be big time boom for the small town. With 100 potential jobs, payroll could reach around $3.8 million
"That would help all of the taxing bodies, in particular the school districts, which I'm sure as you know has suffered greatly,” said Jenkins.

With the new law, each state police district in Illinois will get a medical marijuana facility. LeRoy is competing with other towns in the Livingston, DeWitt and McLean counties area.

And if they got the bid there would be plenty of regulations. One, it couldn't be within half a mile of the school district. Secondly, it would be constantly monitored by the Illinois State Police.

But Brady says that doesn't ease all his concerns.

"I'm very leery, though of looking at what's going on in Colorado. So, we want to do things right in Illinois,” said Brady.

LeRoy has already narrowed down its choices for potential warehouse and distribution sites to two locations. Neither can be named at this point, because they're both private.

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