Leuthold Trial: Inmate Testifies Nathan Admitted Murder

Published 07/16 2014 12:22PM

Updated 07/16 2014 12:37PM

Nathan Leuthold murder trial day 3
Nathan Leuthold murder trial day 3
PEORIA - A Peoria County jail inmate, David Smith, has told the jury in the Nathan Leuthold murder trial he and Nathan discussed Denise, the murder victim, while Nathan was in jail for killing her on Valentine's Day 2013. Smith claims Leuthold told him he killed his wife and covered his tracks.  He also testified Nathan never seemed sad or remorseful about Denise's death.
   A forensic pathologist was on the stand Wednesday morning discussing specific information about Denise's autopsy.  Dr. Scott Denton says there were no defensive wounds on the body and it was not a close-range shooting. He testified the location of the wound would have caused Nathan's wife to drop immediately and that momentum could have knocked over the bi-fold door that had been discussed in court Tuesday. That momentum, Denton says, could have also caused her glasses to be thrown off her head.
   Also on the stand for the third day of the trial was Paola Hinton, the owner of Five Senses Spa. She testified that she did not know Nathan and Denise were a couple. She says Nathan was always in the spa with Aina, his alleged mistress from Lithuania, and thought they were together.
    Becky Skehan-Passi testified she heard a gunshot around 12:40 p.m. the day of the murder, while she was at her sister's house on Mossville Rd. Her sister lives at 610 W. Mossville Rd. The crime scene was at 700 W. Mossville Rd.  Skehan-Passi says she texted her sister about what she heard.  That text was timestamped at 12:47 p.m. on 2/14/13, the day of the killing.
   A juror was also replaced in the trial Wednesday because of an emergency. The first alternate took that juror's spot.  There is now one alternate left.
   WMBD's Marvis Herring is in the Peoria County courtroom for the trial.  We will keep updating the details here on ciproud.com and you can follow Marvis's Twitter updates by clicking here.

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