Lindy's Downtown Market Founder Dies at 93

Published 10/02 2013 05:32PM

Updated 10/02 2013 06:24PM

WASHINGTON – A longtime Washington business is moving forward without its founder. If you’ve been to Washington, you’ve probably heard of Lindy’s Downtown Market.

Sons Bob and Jim Linsley are seeing the silver lining because they know their dad lived one amazing life.

Jim said, “He's had a full blessed life. What more can you ask for.”

Clarence Linsley, better known as “Lindy,” started Lindy’s Downtown Market in Washington in 1958.

The world war two veteran built the business from scratch. Jim explains. “When he first bought the store in 1958, he knew nothing about it so he went out and got himself some books on how to cut meat.”

But his sons said his favorite part of the store was behind the scenes. Jim said, “Well he liked to do the books. That was really important to him.”

Looking at the notes Linsley left from decades ago are a true testament to his hard work. Bob added, “He was just very humble, kept his nose down and went to work. That generation is tough.”

His sons said he was selfless and he knew what life was really about. Bob said, “He was dedicated to God, dedicated to his family and dedicated to Lindy's. I mean, here every day. If people didn't see his car out in the front parking lot they thought something was wrong, they would know.”

They said they will continue to run the business their father built and they said they’ll always do that with the founder in mind. Bob said, “Keep the place going, just keep her going. Don't drop the ball because he's not here, carry the bar higher.”

Jim said, “We'll find some way to commemorate him and because he was the kind of guy who gave back, we'll continue to do the same thing in his name.”

Linsley passed away on Sunday at the age of 93.

Lindy’s Downtown Market will be closed on Thursday morning for Linsley’s funeral.

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