Marshall County Looks to Bring in Hog Farm

Published 04/17 2014 10:03PM

Updated 04/17 2014 10:45PM

 MARSHALL COUNTY - A proposed hog farm is causing a stink in Marshall County and residents aren't welcoming their potential new neighbors.

More than two-hundred and fifty people packed Fieldcrest Middle School gymnasium Thursday evening.

They were there to learn about a proposed hog farm in rural Marshall County.

The proposed facility will hold more than 5000 birthing sows. Neighbors say something smells fishy.

"I live a mile and a half downwind from this facility,” Resident Jamie Casolari said. “I'm not gonna be able to step outside my house. How is that fair to me?"

"When you are on the farm site you will smell pigs but as you move away from the farm, you will not smell it very often," VMS Veterinarian Nicolas Rippel said.

Rippel also says the community will benefit from the farm.

He says between the 20 jobs created and the product produced... The area could see 2 million dollars in economic benefits.

"Through corn use, we will use 1 million dollars worth of corn every year to feed these pigs," Rippel said.

Water quality is also an issue that was brought up.

Sandy Creek runs adjacent to the property.

Residents say if the creek floods, runoff from the farm would go into the creek--

Affecting drinking water as far away as Peoria.

"If hog manure were to contaminate the creek, it would be a loss to wildlife and a loss to the people who live and recreate downstream," Water Resources Scientist Stacy James said.

"We cannot and will not discharge any manure from the facility other than in a controlled application into the surrounding cropland," Rippel said.

Owners of the proposed farm say their plan follows every rule and regulation.

Marshall County has until May 30th to make a recommendation to the state.

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