Morton District 709 To Add PE Classes

Published 07/21 2014 05:33PM

Updated 07/21 2014 06:25PM

MORTON - Morton District 709 is going to have to be creative with its Physical Education programs next year.
The state requires that all elementary schools provide daily P.E. classes for each grade, but a waiver allowed District 709 to only require P.E. a couple days a week.
This waiver has existed for decades, and is renewed every several years.
That waiver expires before school starts next year.
Administrators have known this problem is coming for a couple of years, but are still concerned because P.E. conflicts with lunch in three of the elementary schools.
And both lunch and P.E. take place in the gymnasiums.
"We're gonna have to be creative with space. We're gonna have to also probably go outside once in a while, which can sometimes be a challenge in Illinois. We'll be figuring out the puzzle of scheduling all of these PE classes within all of the other really important things that we need to do in our elementary schools,” said District 709 Superintendent Lindsey hall.
Administrators say they will also have to shoulder the financial burden of hiring new gym teachers.

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