New Emergency Siren May Be Coming to ICC's North Campus

Published 07/07 2014 05:16PM

Updated 07/07 2014 06:13PM

PEORIA - Some Peoria residents have complained they can’t hear the outdoor emergency warning siren.
Now the city is responding.

Tomorrow night, the Emergency Manager, Fire Chief and other city officials will ask for City Council’s permission to install a solar-powered warning siren on ICC’s North Campus.

They say the $37,000 addition is a necessity.

Jerome Greer lives by ICC’s North Campus and claims the nearest outdoor warning siren is so difficult to hear, he has to rely on his neighbors.

Sometimes it comes in where you can hear it and sometimes your neighbor tells you.”

For the past couple of years, Peoria Emergency Manager Dwain Deppolder has been receiving similar complaints from people who can’t hear the sirens around the North University stretch.

“It's not only the ones that are complaining; it's the ones that are out there that haven't complained, but we know there is a deficiency in the area.”

Deppolder admits he was skeptical about the complaints at first.

“We have sent vehicles out there to actually be there when the testing occurred and they are valid complaints.”

We asked what could be causing the problems and the Emergency Manager believes they are due to tree growth and increased traffic over the past fifteen years.

“There's a lot of ambient noise up there that affects the sirens also.”

Now he’s hoping City Council will approve the $37,000 purchase of a solar-powered omni-directional siren to help protect the community and the college’s growing student body.

The siren would be Peoria’s twentieth, and would also allow broadcast emergency announcements.

The plan is to construct the siren in the back part of ICC’s North Campus.

City officials also hope to upgrade their software that controls the outdoor warning system of the twenty sirens.

They claim the current one is unreliable.

If approved by City Council, the addition will cost about $72,000 with half of that covered by Peoria County.

The price not only includes updating the current software, but reinstalling wires to the sirens.

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