New Firefighters in Peoria

Published 06/06 2014 10:50PM

Updated 06/06 2014 10:52PM

Peoria has five new firefighters ready to keep the public safe.

Today the men graduated from the fire training academy and will soon be hopping on the trucks headed to fires.

Kyle Cheatam, Shaun Manning, Brandon Pence, Nicholas Riordan, and Tyler Williams all completed eight weeks of exercises, both in class and in the field.

They not only practiced putting out fire, but also learned how to do search and rescue in various situations and cut crash victims out of vehicles.


Shaun Manning, New Firefighter: "With the fellow recruits we get through it. We pick each other up, we have situations, we work our way through it. You know that is what firefighting is.. it is a team effort," said Shaun Manning, a Fire Academy Grad.


Three of their fathers are also in public service and got to place the official pins on the new firefighters.

The five men got their new assignments after that and will report to their new firehouses soon.

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