New Ordinance in Pekin Fights Rental Property Crime

Published 07/15 2014 06:33PM

Updated 07/15 2014 06:41PM

PEKIN - Pekin Police say a majority of neighborhood crimes in their community happen on rental property.
So the city has signed off on a new ordinance, one that may help solve the problem.

Pekin Police say the crime-free housing ordinance is definitely needed, and those overseeing landlords agree.

“We all have situations where uh, the police are called after hours and we are not recognizing that we have a particular problem with uh, with a household,” said Dennis Green, the Executive Director of Pekin Housing Authority

The new ordinance requires anyone who owns rental property in Pekin to obtain a license. They will also be on a registry for the police to see.

“We are actually going to check rental properties that we have listed through this registry every day. And we are going to see what kind of police response we've had there,” said Pekin Police Detective Mike Eeten.

This allows police to keep track of landlords who fail to take action on tenants causing serious trouble.

“If we can address the issue and maybe get it resolved, it won't lead to something as extreme as an eviction,” said Green

It also gives landlords tools to swiftly deal with problem tenants while establishing close communication between the police department and landlord.  

And if the ordinance helps police keep landlords in check, it also helps landlords be able to have good tenants.

That is beneficial for everyone living in and near a rental home.

“It creates kind of a win-win for all of us.”

With that in mind, Officer Eeten is quick to say that police won’t overstep their boundaries.

But if landlords aren’t acting on the crime happening in their backyard, police know where to step in.

The ordinance requires all owners, who have rental property within the city limits, to pay a yearly $10 fee per landlord. It also requires all owners to attend a four-hour Crime Free Housing Program seminar at no cost.

The ordinance goes into effect on July 24th.


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