Officers Offer Advice on How To Keep Kids Street Safe

Published 05/06 2014 06:35PM

Updated 05/06 2014 07:05PM

PEORIA - An uptick in the number of kids getting hit by motor vehicles has their safety at the forefront of the community's concern.

As a parent, guardian, and member of the community, how can you make sure your neighbors are safe?

Police Officers from both Peoria and Pekin are pleading with drivers and pedestrians.

They say the measures you can take, whether walking or driving are simple, but could save lives.

Make sure you’re observant of traffic around you. If you are a pedestrian, it doesn’t mean cars will automatically stop.

It’s up to everyone to pay attention.

The biggest thing you can rely on is yourself. Look both ways, make sure no traffic is coming. Look left, right, Then left again,” said Lt. Steve Rogge of the Peoria Police Department.

"It's very important to make sure you look at surroundings, look beyind just the crosswalk, look over to the sides of the road, the sidewalk. Maybe there's a kid chasing a ball, playing catch and doesn't realize how close they are to the road and stumble out into the roadway,” said Detective Mike Eeten of the Pekin Police Department.

Parents, police are asking you to make sure you’re going over street safety with your kids. And drivers, be extra cautious now that the weather is warming up. 

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