Parents Express Concern over "Dangerous" Intersection

Published 08/26 2014 07:24PM

Updated 08/26 2014 07:29PM

WASHINGTON -   A heavily-traveled intersection is raising safety concerns amongst parents in the area.

Some believe the area near Spring Creek Rd. and Route 24 is dangerous, and one parent has even written a letter to Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) urging officials to make some changes.

Patty Jackson is one concerned parent in the area. Her daughter was injured in a car accident back in 2003 while driving through that intersection.

"We were told by the officer that came out for our daughter's accident that it was the most dangerous intersection in Tazewell County," Jackson explained.

She said that despite IDOT officials telling her they would do studies in the area, nothing has changed since that accident.

Jackson’s daughter, Whitney, said that after her crash more than a decade ago, she's still nervous when driving through this area.

“I sometimes will even sit there long enough to have someone honk behind me because I want to make sure that it's completely clear before I cross,” said Whitney. “I would rather arrive safe than be in a hurry.”

Michelle Otten lives on Spring Creek Rd., and she also wants an easier way to cross Route 24.

"My daughter thought she had enough time to get across, but apparently she didn't. So, it [the other car] actually spun the car around [and] injured both of them."

She calls the intersection dangerous and confusing.

“I’ve seen 3 cars in the middle because you have one that's turning left, one that's turning right and one that wants to go straight."

Both families said there's a very simple solution: A traffic light.

"It's the only stop along the way that doesn't have lights [in this area],” claimed Patty Jackson.” There are lights at Cummings. There are lights at Main Street. There are lights at Grange road. Grange road is not near as busy as 24 and spring creek road."

WMBD reached out to police to see just how many crashes have been reported here.

They said that information will take a few days to retrieve.

Otten said  IDOT is supposed to respond to her letter in the next few days.




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