Peoria City Council Makes Offer to Bring LST 325 To Riverfront

Published 06/24 2014 11:28PM

Updated 06/24 2014 11:31PM

PEORIA – The Peoria City Council is making an offer to bring the LST 325 Warship to the riverfront.


The council voted seven to four after about an hour of debate on Tuesday night.


It costs about $1.6 million to bring the warship to Peoria. The city said it will pay $500,000 and pledges to raise the remaining $1.1 million dollars through donations and grants.


Assistant City Manager Chris Setti said the public response has been positive. Council members agreed the ship would be a great addition, but worry about the cost.


Setti said, "The majority of the people who have at least chosen to respond to our inquiries support bringing the LST 325 to Peoria."


Councilman Ryan Spain proposed the motion that was passed. He said, "I think it would create some positive opportunity for us, but I also think we need to be careful."


Councilwoman Denise Moore voted against the proposal. She said, “Yes, we want to have visitors come to our city, but what have I heard from many of you around the horseshoe, that have come to our city. They talk about being afraid to be downtown. They've talked about the rundown nature and look of our city."


If the LST Board of Directors accepts the city’s offer, the ship will be docked at Festival Park, near the Riverplex.


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