Peoria Road Causing Driving Problems, City Plans Repairs

Published 06/16 2014 05:45PM

Updated 06/16 2014 06:27PM

PEORIA – The brutal winter weather is gone, but many drivers in Peoria say road conditions are still a major problem, especially on one highly-traveled road.

The cracks, bumps, and potholes on University Street are causing problems for some drivers.

“There definitely needs to be work done,” says Shelley Koenings. Koenigs lives in the area and says the faster something is done the better off things will be.

Matthew Sloan also lives close to University Street. “It's horrible when you hit a mini pothole and it cracks your whole rim straight down the middle,” complained Sloan.

He and other drivers say the road’s condition is costing them more money. Sloan has already replaced two rims on his car.

The City’s Public Works Department says they are aware that the road needs work done.

Steve Letsky is a Civil Engineer for the city and is the Project Manager for the University Street Corridor Project.

”University Street corridor, several other roads in District 2 were found to have some of the worst and most deteriorated pavement,” says Letsky. “These roads were deemed to require a mill and overlay rather than very simple treatment.”

Letsky says the project not only repairs the roads, but also widens some its sidewalks. However, the project is still in its design phase.

Letsky says he anticipates construction to begin at some point in the summer of 2015.

Until construction begins, the city will pair with its street department for any big potholes that are reported. They will patch those holes with temporary patch pavement.

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