President Obama Delivers Economic Speech First in Central Illinois

Published 07/24 2013 05:29PM

Updated 07/28 2013 03:57PM

GALESBURG – President Barack Obama shared his ideas for a new American economy. It’s how he plans to help the millions of people struggling every day. He made his first speech right here in central Illinois.

The President made his first of many upcoming speeches at Knox College in Galesburg.

He spent an hour sharing his ideas for rebuilding the middle class. He said a strong economy continues to be his top priority. “This growing inequality, unequal opportunity. It's not just morally wrong it's bad economics. Middle Class families have less to spend, businesses have fewer consumers.”

His goals include adopting a new healthcare system, known as the Affordable Care Act. He is also working to make higher education more affordable. "This week we're working with both parties to reduce the doubling of student loan rates that's happened a few weeks ago.”

He said these cornerstones to his economic plan focus directly on the middle class. He said Washington needs to make this its priority. “In either case, I say to these members of Congress, I'm laying out my ideas to give the middle class a better shot, so now it's time for you to lay out your ideas.”

Congress will focus on finances again this fall. President Obama said he will not accept gridlock politics. “Washington hasn't just ignored this problem. Too often, Washington has made things worse.”

He said American is fighting its way back, but he’s looking for a long term strategy that will give all people a fair shot at the American dream. “That's why America has to make the investments necessary to promote long term growth and shared prosperity.”

After leaving Galesburg, the President headed to Missouri for his next speech.

He plans to give many more over the next few weeks.

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