Presley's Tips Duck Hunting 101

Published 08/13 2014 10:32PM

Updated 08/13 2014 10:45PM

BARTONVILLE - WMBD is your home for all things outdoors. From hunting to hiking we strive to bring you the best coverage possible of all sports, both indoors and out. We debuted the first of our new series we're calling "Presley's Tips."
Randy Fox and Kelly Presley are experts of the outdoors. They sat down with us to discuss one of their great loves.
"No matter how old you are, it will bring you back time and time again because there is just something special about being out in nature and being a part of it" says Fox, a promoter of Big Foot Decoys.
Presley, the owner of Presley's Outdoors explains, "Season starts to change, fall starts to come, leaves start to change, everybody starts to get pumped up about duck season."
Illinois waterfowl hunting is divided into four zones. Peoria is in the central. Waterfowl season opens October 26th this year and generally runs through the end of January.
Fox says, "From the moment you step into that blind and you smell the air and you look up and it's dark, and just to see that sunrise come up over the water or over the field, wherever you are hunting, it's just.... That feeling, I don't know how to describe it, you just have to experience it."
But there are some things you will need to remember before you head out to your blind. For example, the State of Illinois allows daily hunting to begin one hour before sunrise.
Presley explains, "It's not like you are deer hunting, you need one arrow for the more part to shoot a deer. With ducks, you need multiple shotgun shells... sometimes hundreds. Decoys are the same way. Guys that need duck decoys don't need one or two; they need hundreds and hundreds of duck decoys."
Even the shells you use are different than most other game hunting.
"In all waterfowl hunting, you have to use non-toxic shot shells. You cannot use lead. You can use other substitutes. Steel is the most popular, you can use tungsten, and you can use bismuth" say Presley.
The appeal of the sport is growing, because to hunters Like Presley, the mallards and gadwalls aren't the only prize.
"Being able to get back and get in touch with nature is a huge part of our lives and what we do. Not many people in this world get to do that anymore."
Presley's tips will air for the next several weeks on Wednesdays WMBD.
Send us pictures of your hunting trophies...they might make it on the air.

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