Presley's Trophy Room Episode 2

Published 08/20 2014 10:46PM

Updated 08/20 2014 10:48PM

BARTONVILLE - What should you say to a kid, to get him prepared to go out hunting?
"Here in Illinois, we have hunter safety programs. Very important to get the kids into a hunter safety program, so that they understand the safety of being in the outdoors, the safety of a firearm, the safety of a bow" says Steve kitchen, a hunting expert.
But once safety is hammered home, what should a parent do to make sure the child has a memorable moment.
"You want to make sure their first timeout is very enjoyable. It's kind of like the first time fishing. You don't take them our fly fishing/trout fishing first. You take them to the blue gill pond with wax worms and make sure they catch them and have some fun" explains Kitchen.
Because sharing in the experience can make the hunt even more enjoyable.
Kelly Presley of Presley's Outdoors "my son shot his first deer and was cool as a cucumber. I was shaking. I was going crazy. Being able to watch my son go out there and give the video games a break, go out there, get in touch with nature and himself, and watch him be the future of hunting, that's #1 for me."
Here are a few of the photos viewers sent to us this week.
Turkeys that Carter Atherton and Jason Snook took. And Luke Zarvell landed a huge catfish.
Continue to send us pictures of your catches and kills. They might make it on the air.

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