Presley's Trophy Room Episode 3

Published 08/27 2014 11:42PM

Updated 08/27 2014 11:48PM

BARTONVILLE - Outdoor Expert Steve Kitchen says "We have hunter safety programs. Very very important to get the kids into a hunter safety program so that they understand the safety of being in the outdoors. The safety of a firearm. The safety of a bow."
Hunting safety is not for the timid. A good hunt always includes a guarded attitude and well maintained equipment. It's something that should be instilled in every hunter from day one.
Kelly Presley of Presley's Outdoors explains, "In my mind, with my son, when he was growing up was safety, safety, safety. To the point where he like literally he's like 'dad, top! 'I go 'buddy, you understand you are still only 10 years old. I'm going to be doing this until probably forever, but for the next 10 years.' He's actually really really good now when he shoots. He doesn't even know he turns the safety on. It's so imprinted into his head. Every time he pulls the trigger, he clicks the safety on."
That mentality is exactly what experts recommend. Safety should be number one on the any hunter's list. We could read off hundreds of helpful reminders, but they all have one thing in common... You should treat every firearm as if it is loaded.
Kitchen explains, "It's such an important aspect of the sport. That safety, the safety, we just can't express it enough. Because, you can't make more than 1 mistake."
Make sure to send us pictures of your trophy animals… they just might make it on air.

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