Promising Crop Outlook for Corn, Soybeans Need Drier Weather

Published 06/23 2014 05:52PM

Updated 06/23 2014 06:23PM

EDWARDS – Local farmers say they’re excited about what they’re seeing this growing season. Some call it one of the best starts they’ve seen in years.

Ross Pauli is a Farming Operator in Edwards in Peoria County. He says corn is usually about head-high by July 4th.

“Some people think the corn will be tasseling by Fourth of July [this year] which mean it could be 10-12 foot tall,” Pauli explains.

Pauli enjoys the mix of wet and sunny weather that his area has seen this Spring..

“The corn loves hot, humid, [and] wet weather and that's what we're having.”

However, Pauli also says he needs the stormy weather to calm down for his soybean crop to flourish.

“I think the beans have had actually too much rain,” Pauli says, “They like a little more sunshine.”

He says his area has seen several inches of rain in the last few weeks. That rain is more ideal at a different time in the growing season.

“Hopefully then we can have some of those rains in July and August. That's when it would be really ideal, especially during pollination and when the beans are setting their pod.”

Pauli says the 2013 season was one of the wettest he’s ever seen. He adds that if there is too much water that puddles around the crop it will die.

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