Proposed Bloomington Budget Looks At Taxes to Fund Pensions

Published 02/26 2014 05:23PM

Updated 02/26 2014 05:42PM

BLOOMINGTON - Bloomington's latest budget proposal could cut into the way people spend their time.

City officials say the proposed budget would potentially double residents' utility taxes and add an amusement tax throughout Bloomington.

Under the proposal, concerts and cable bills could see a 4 percent tax. It's all part of the city's aggressive plan to help fund future pensions and reduce the infrastructure debts. Plus, officials say these changes are less painful than upping property taxes.

"If we went to increase fees, we really wouldn't get the millions that we really need and we're trying to cover our labor costs, so that by next year's budget, we can continue to pay for infrastructure, such as roads that we desperately need and other major infrastructure that we've been studying,” said Patti-Lynn Silva, finance director for the city of Bloomington.

The proposal would also restore 17 city staff jobs to help with employee workloads.

City leaders will be meeting on March 22 to discuss the budget in more detail and see if any changes will be made. The actual budget wouldn't be accepted until late April.

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