Push for More Full-Service Community Schools Across U.S.

Published 07/25 2014 04:46PM

Updated 07/25 2014 10:51PM

PEORIA – An education plan that’s already implemented in parts of Peoria is now being pushed across the country.

On Wednesday, Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock and the House Democratic Whip, Steny Hoyer, introduced a bipartisan bill that would increase the number of full-service community schools in the United States.

Renee Andrews, the principal of Trewyn School, says full-service community schools offer benefits for the school and its community members.

“They're physically active in our school and our students are physically active within their community, which is a win-win for everybody,” said Andrews.

She said these one-stop shop schools fill a gap that connects students to their community better than a typical educational institution.

“Things seem to be so isolated now,” she said, “The school is the school. Caterpillar is Caterpillar. The food bank is the food bank, and there used to not be like a connection. Now there's a connection to all of those and it all comes back to the school.”

These full-service community schools offer services inside of the school and outside of it’s doors.

“We have a[n] in-school health clinic,” Andrews explained. “So even their physical and medical needs can be met right here at school.”

Andrews explained that the benefits are short and long-term.

“A lot of these businesses and organizations…our students, our children one day will be running those so what better way to make sure that the great things that our happening in our city continue than to start as young as possible involving them.”

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