Rally for Peoria Mayor

Published 06/24 2014 11:19PM

Updated 06/24 2014 11:21PM

PEORIA - Dozens of people are showing their support for Peoria’s mayor after the very public @peoriamayor Twitter account scandal.
Tuesday night, supporters of the city and Mayor Jim Ardis rallied outside of city hall.
Earlier this month, the creator of the "Peoria Mayor" Twitter account along with the American Civil Liberties Union said they were suing the City of Peoria, Mayor Ardis, and several other city officials.
Mayor Ardis says initially, there was no way to know the account and tweets were fake.
Tonight, Mayor Ardis supporters say the type of fake Twitter account created shouldn't be tolerated for public officials.
They're standing behind their mayor.
But supporters of the account creator and another man arrested in the raid say rights were violated and the whole thing went too far.
 “The people who did this are not victims,” Former Peoria Councilwoman Barbara Van Auken said. “If anyone is embarrassed, we're embarrassed that people who would write suck vile, nasty things are in our community, and that this is their idea of a joke.”
“I'm sorry to see it happen, but it didn't have to, that's the whole thing, it didn't have to,” Dennis Campbell, who’s grandson was arrested in the raid, said.
In his lawsuit, Daniel's claims his 1st and 4th amendment rights were violated when officers raided and searched his home, but Peoria law enforcement officials say proper procedures were followed.
Mayor Ardis is thinking about taking legal action of his own.

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