Registration for the Affordable Care Act Officially Underway

Published 10/01 2013 05:39PM

Updated 10/01 2013 06:18PM

PEORIA – Although Congress is still debating a budget, President Obama’s healthcare mandate remains fully funded. October 1st marks the first day Americans can sign up for insurance, under the Affordable Care Act.

The official marketplace is now open and that means Americans who are uninsured can visit the official website, enter their information and then purchase a policy that meets their needs.

Juanita Williams was signing up Tuesday at the Peoria Public Library. Williams said, “I’m actually really excited.”

Williams has been living without insurance and said she’s in desperate need. She said, “I have a medical issue so I really need medical coverage.”

The Affordable Care Act aims to help people like Juanita. President Obama’s healthcare law will offer coverage to Americans who may otherwise not be able to get it.

Brittney Wallace was hired by the Heartland Community Health Clinic to help implement Obamacare. She said there are multiple plans to choose from and her job is to get you the right one for your situation. She said, “Depending on if you're going to the doctor more often or if you're only going once or twice a year, you may say, oh I want a lower premium and I can pay the $40 premium. But if you're at the doctor's office all the time you have Diabetes, you have to constantly get checks up, you only want to pay $20 or maybe even $10 and you may have a higher premium but your out of pocket costs are lower.”

Wallace said there is no rush to sign up. You have until December 15 to purchase a plan.

The process takes about 45 minutes and it’s all done online. All you need is your social security number, birth date, income information and address.

Williams said she’s happy the day has finally come. She said, “I think it's a good deal for some people and maybe it's not for others, but if it can help you, come get the help."

One thing to look out for is fake websites. Since the official marketplace opened, similar looking pages have popped up, looking to steal your confidential information.

Heartland Community Health Clinic Assister Tami Christian said, “You're putting all of your private information in so you want to be very careful that the website is ending in ‘.gov’ instead of ‘.com.’

The correct website is

Coverage will become active in January.

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