Schools Dismissed Early to Beat the Heat

Published 08/25 2014 05:41PM

Updated 08/25 2014 05:53PM

PEORIA - Schools across central Illinois were on a heat schedule today with early dismissal. That's because many classrooms still do not have air conditioning, making it too hot to learn in.

"We have multiple fans in every classroom, but since we are a brick building, there's only so much that the fans do,” Roosevelt Magnet School’s counselor Kayla Steele said. “Really, it just ends up pushing the, the fans just end up pushing the hot air around,"

That hot air hit us right when we walked into the stuffy school.

It is one of a handful of schools in the area still without air conditioning in classrooms, and none of the buildings are really made for 90-degree weather.

"As the day goes on, and the week goes on and it gets hotter, the heat just rises and it almost becomes like a sauna in here. You'll see students and staff with sweat pouring down their self," Steele said.

Washington Gifted School is another one without AC throughout the school. Seventh grader Deven Pearson said the hottest part of his day is between classes.

"We got really hot when we went into the hallways because there's all those people," he said.

But getting kids to focus in the hot classrooms can be a challenge.

"It's really difficult for our students to stay on task. It will give them headaches, stomach aches. We have students that actually fall asleep," Steele said.

"I just, you know, wanted to get through the day," Pearson said.

District 150 will be on a heat schedule again tomorrow with temperatures expected to stay in the 90s.

School officials said they can only shave an hour off the school day on these hot once because a day has to be five hours of learning in order for it to qualify as a full day.

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