Simon For Withholding Lawmaker Pay

Published 06/12 2014 11:09PM

Updated 06/12 2014 11:11PM

BLOOMINGTON - Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon says she plans to help legislators who don't want a pay increase.


At least, that's her plan if she's elected comptroller.

She would work to get the law changed so lawmakers could select the amount to be withheld from each month's pay, instead of writing a check to the comptroller's office.


Simon says it'll make things easier for legislators who don't want to accept a pay increase, but not every law-maker is sold on the idea.



Republican State Representative Dan Brady of Bloomington says, “Creating something new at the program in the State of Illinois where they're automatically going to be deducting something or doing something is concerning to me because you lose kind of control as a legislature about your individual, decision on a pay raise, or not a pay raise or withholding for a specific date.”


Simon is running against Judy Baar Topinka for comptroller in the November general election.



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